A painter, he was born in Fidenza, in the province of Parma, in 1978. He frequented the Institute of Art "Paolo Toschi" in Parma. In his early twenties he started to exhibit in collective and solo exhibitions in the principal cities of Italy, mainly in Milan. Abroad in Miami,London,Hong Kong, Shanghai,Paris, Nice, Berlin,Lithuania and Latvia. The following are among the first collective exhibitions in which he was present: "Tra Segno e Colore" in Milan and in Parma (2003), "Rassegna Arte Contemporanea" in the Court of Ragazzola (Parma, 2003), "Proposta Giovani" in Bologna (2003), "Il Segno il Simbolo la Parola" in Rome, Ferrara and Milan (2004). Subsequently "Arcobaleno d'Artista" in Bologna and Ferrara (2005) and "Siamo Noi?" in Milan, Bologna and Genoa (2005). He was invited to the National Contemporary Art Contest "SaturArte" in Genoa for the editions of 2005, 2006, 2008,2010 and 2013. In 2006 he also participated to the National Competition "Movimento nelle Segrete di Bocca" in Milan, and in 2007 he was among the "Nuove Proposte" at the Renzo Cortina Foundation of Milan. After being in 2008 at the "Collezione delle Opere della Fondazione Radice" in Milan, in 2009 he was in Trento for "Mappe d'Artista" at the "G. Caproni" Museum; in Milan at the Palace of the Umanitaria Society; in Rome at the Biblioteca Angelica; in Calice Ligure (Savona) at the Museum of Contemporary Art; in Genoa for "Probabili Indizi" and "Il Muro" at the Galleria Satura; in Milan for "Utopia Art Festival" at the Iroko Studio. He participated to the Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Art "GenovArte" for the editions of 2007, 2009,2011 and 2013. In the 2009 edition he was the youngest artist to be awarded. In 2010 he participated to "Corto Circuito 8" and "Corto Circuito 10" in Milan and to the Fair "Arte Genova" for the editions of 2010 2013. Besides he was in two travelling exhibitions: the first was "Il Muro", in Kaunas (Lituania) at the Mikalojus Ciurlionis National Art Museum, in Panevezy (Lituania) at the Panevezys Civic Art Gallery, in Siauliai (Lituania) at the Siauliai Civic Art Gallery, in Telsiai(Lituania) at the Telsiai Civic Art Gallery and in 2011 at the Italian Cultural Centre of Riga (Lettonia); and the second was "Post-Avanguardia", in Ferrara at the Estensi's Castle, in Massa at the Malaspina Castle, in Lecce at the Castle of Charles V and in 2011 in Milan at the Zamenhof Gallery. He was also present at Zamenhof Gallery for The National Contemporary Art Prize "Il Segno" for the editions of 2010, 2011. In 2011 he participated to several exhibitions: "Segnali di oggi" at the Paola Meliga Gallery of Turin and at the S.Giorgio Space of Bologna; "Arte come forma poetica" at the Racchetta Palace of Ferrara; "Couleurs de l'art, couleurs de l'ame" at the Villa Magdalena of Nice; "Specchi dellamente" at the Iroko Studio of Milan. He participated to "Sensi d'Autore" at the Valfrè Space of Turin and "Art in the Bunker" at the Bunker Space in London. He was also present at The International Contemporaney Art Prize Under 40 "Satura Prize" for the editions of 2011,2012 at the Palazzo Stella in Genova.In 2012 he parteciped to exhibitions "Forma voluta" at the Punto Arte Gallery of Modena, "Satura Art Collection 24X24" at the Satura Gallery of Genova. He was also present at the exhibitions "Sketchika" at the S.Giorgio Space of Bologna,"Lirica Materia" at the Galleria Emma Infante of Turin and also "Apertura Accorsi Arte" at the Accorsi Space of Turin. He partecipated to IV° Edition of The "Present' Art Festival" at the National Library of Shanghai. He was also present at the exhibitions "Meet in Shanghai Europe International Art Exhibition" at the Wison Art Center in Shanghai and to the exhibition "Art en Capital" at the Grand Palais in Paris.In 2013 he was also present at the exhibition "Link Art Fair" in the China Merchants Wharf in Hong Kong and the exhibitions "6 Sensibilità Autre" at the Battaglia Foundation in Venice, " Meeting in Milan" in the Milan Art & Events Center in Milan and "Dimensioni" at the Accorsi Space in Turin. Also he is among the finalists of the "Florence / Shanghai Prize 2012 – 2013. In 2014 he was also present at the exhibitions "Berlino in Arte"in the AquabitArt Gallery in Berlin,"Carrousel du Louvre" at the Palais du Louvre in Paris, to the exhibitions "Arteria" in the Coronari 111 Gallery in Rome and at the "Spectrum" Art Fair in Miami. In 2015 he partecipated to"Londra in Arte" in the Birla Art Gallery in London, IV°Edition of the International Contemporaney Art Prize "Who Art You"at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan and "Flu Games Berlin" in the Malzfabrik in Berlin.Among his solo exhibitions: "City Boy" in Como, Studio E.S.P. (2005); "Personale Riccardo Dametti", curatorship by Viola Lilith Russi, at the main hall of Palazzo Stella in Genoa (2006);"L'Anima Giovane", with a text by Giovanni Cerri in the catalogue, at the Radice Foundation in Milan (2008); "Riccardo Dametti 2009", with a text by Luca Pietro Nicoletti in the catalogue, at the "AB - Arte Bastia" Gallery in Milan (2009); "Urban Faces", curatorship by Luca Pietro Nicoletti, with texts by Luca Pietro Nicoletti, Veronica Riva and Silvia Agliotti in the catalogue, at the "Gli Eroici Furori" Gallery in Milan (2009). In 2010 "Senza Titolo 2010", curatorship by Virgilio Patarini, with texts by Paolo Levi, Virgilio Patarini and Veronica Riva in the catalogue, at the Zamenhof Gallery in Milan. “Freedom and Rebellion”in 2017, curatorship by Sabrina Falzone, with text by Sabrina Falzone in the catalogue, at the August 35 Art Gallery in Berlin. He is included in several catalogues of collective and solo exhibitions.Reviews and articles on his artistic production has been published on newspapers and specialist magazines. The critics who have dealt with his work are Xante Battaglia,Paolo Levi, Felice Bonalumi, Virgilio Patarini, and others.